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Who is it for ? What is it for ? How does it work ?

Who is it for ? What is it for ? How does it work ?


Naturopathy is above all a global approach to the human being and his health. It considers the person as a unique being within his environment and in all his dimensions, whether biological, physiological, psychological or emotional. 

For naturopathy, health is defined as a balance to be sought and maintained between all these dimensions. Naturopathy is therefore committed to preserving this balance through a preventive and health education framework, thanks to a lifestyle adapted to each individual. 

When a dysfunction appears, naturopathy focuses on finding the causes, which may be physical, psychological and/or emotional. By means of adapted and natural advice, mainly in terms of lifestyle, nutrition, stress and emotional management, naturopathy aims to act on these causes while supporting the person’s “vital energy”, energy that the body mobilizes to adapt to different situations and repair itself.

Séance de naturopathie
La naturopathie peut vous aider

When can naturopathy help you?

Naturopathy is for everyone to stay in shape or find balance and vitality !
It is particularly helpful in the case of chronic problems, in particular 

  • stress & emotional management,
  • eating disorders and imbalances, 
  • weight problems, 
    digestion problems (heaviness, bloating, transit…) 
  • chronic inflammations (skin, joints…)

Prends soin de ton corps pour que ton âme ait envie d'y rester !


The first naturopathic session lasts 1.5 hours and is based on an interview.
It allows us to understand possible dietary, physiological and emotional imbalances. This global assessment allows the development of a tailor-made “vital hygiene program” in order to restore the person’s balance and good health. 

It should be noted that a naturopathic session does not in any way replace a medical consultation.
The naturopath does not make a diagnosis and does not act in place of your doctor.

Programme naturopathie


The “vital hygiene program” is established following the interview. It is “tailor-made” for the person, and takes into account his/her vitality. The objective is to implement a simple protocol using exclusively natural methods for the purpose of prevention or restoration of the person’s good health. 

Depending on the problem, the program generally includes dietary measures, advice on physical activity, and keys to managing emotions and stress. Depending on the case, it may include the use of plants, essential oils, Bach Flowers, the recommendation of a foot reflexology session or a Well-Being massage, and/or the taking of natural food supplements, if necessary. 

This program must above all be simple, concrete and easy to implement by the person. This program is a long-term one, as it aims to balance the person’s “terrain” and not “only” to make the symptoms, manifestations of the imbalance, disappear. After a few weeks, a follow-up session will allow us to evaluate the improvements observed and to readjust the program if necessary.