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welcomes you everyday from 9am to 7pm

Naturopath and Sophrologist, I practised for several years in the area of Paris before having the chance to move to the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence.

I continue to practice one week a month in my office in Vaucresson (Hauts-de-Seine) and the rest of the time in Ongles.

Naturopathy is much more than a set of natural techniques, it is for me a lifestyle.

As a scientist, I trained in naturopathy in a school of the French federation (FENA), then in sophrology at the Institut Supérieur de Sophrologie.

Today, I accompany you towards well-being, in order to help you find balance and vitality

Séance de naturopathie


Naturopathy is above all a global approach to the human being and his health. It considers the person as a unique being within his environment and in all his dimensions, whether physiological, psychological or emotional. 

For naturopathy, health is defined as a balance to be sought and maintained between all these dimensions. Naturopathy is therefore committed to preserving this balance through a preventive and health education framework, thanks to a lifestyle adapted to each individual.

When a dysfunction appears, naturopathy focuses on finding the roots of the problem, which can be physical, psychological and/or emotional. By means of adapted and natural advice, naturopathy endeavours to act on these causes while supporting the vital energy of the person, energy that the organism mobilizes to adapt to the various situations and repair itself.


Sophrology aims to find harmony between mental and physical. Based on breathing, muscular relaxation and positive visualization, this method allows to mobilize one’s own capacities in order to go towards a better well-being and to help to better use one’s potential.

Sophrology accompaniment responds to a precise objective defined during the first session. It generally requires 8 to 12 sessions spread over 2 to 3 months. 

Sophrology can also be practiced for relaxation purposes, without an established coaching.

Atelier découverte de la sophrologie
Séance de réflexologie plantaire


Foot reflexology is a holistic approach to health that relaxes, harmonizes and strengthens the body and mind. 

This natural technique uses the stimulation of reflex points located under and on the foot, in relation to different parts of the body.

Pressure on certain points on the foot can, for example, free the breath, stimulate the immune and hormonal system, favour blood circulation, and relieve muscular tension.

This technique is also an excellent way to relax and reconnect with oneself.


Naturopathy, sophrology and reflexology approaches can be independent or complementary. 

The first session in naturopathy is a vitality assessment which allows to evaluate the vital force of the person as well as possible physiological or emotional disorders. This assessment allows us to establish a tailor-made program, with simple objectives; it can be based on different natural techniques in which I can also assist you (breathing techniques, emotional management, reflexology).

Sophrology coaching starts with an interview to define together the precise objective. This interview allows me to build a fully personalized program over several sessions


As well as cares, l’Arbre d’Alice provides you with a natural and relaxing area.

Indeed, it is essential to put into practice the natural and caring approach discussed during the session, and above all not to remain with a list of theoretical advice ! Naturopathy cannot be experienced in a small therapist’s office… 

We suggest that you continue the benefit of the session with a break “as you wish” on the terrace by the pool, perhaps accompanied by a refreshing drink, homemade depending on the mood of the day: ginger-mint, lemonade, iced green tea, freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice, or why not a detox herbal tea?


L’Arbre d’Alice regularly proposes workshops to discover or deepen certain themes and natural approaches.

On the agenda: use of essential oils, breathing techniques, discovery of naturopathy, sophrology or reflexology… 

but also cooking workshops, discovery of permaculture and aquaponics… 

Atelier collectif


Formée à la Naturopathie et à la Sophrologie dans des instituts reconnus pour leur exigence et leur sérieux, je mets tout en oeuvre pour vous aider à retrouver votre équilibre et votre vitalité